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Blackbird (2020)

( Family, Drama, | 97 min )
18 Sep


A woman suffering from ALS gathers her family for one last weekend together before she has her husband help end her life rather than suffer.



"Blackbird is not a film based on a complex script, so don't expect anything like this. Likewise, it is not an extremely dynamic film. The soundtrack is minimalist. But somehow, he doesn't need more than this. "

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- Cristina Mitrea -

Blackbird (2019) is a family film that manages to bring up a sensitive, controversial topic, but which does not exhaust even a single direction of debate. The viewer has enough space to complete the frame inside which the director and screenwriter built the story. Last but not least, an excellent opportunity to meet again with some great actors, who fit in very well in the characters.

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- Nona Rapotan –