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Mia and the White Lion (2018)

Mia et le Lion Blanc
( Family, Adventure, | 98 min )
26 Dec


Ten-year-old Mia has her life turned upside down when her family decides to leave their home in London to manage a lion farm in South Africa. When a beautiful white lion, Charlie, is born, Mia find happiness again as she develops a close attachment to the wild cub. After three years, Mia’s life is rocked once again when she uncovers an upsetting secret kept hidden by her father.

Distraught by the thought that Charlie could be in harm, Mia decides to run away leaving the farm and her family behind. The two set off on an epic adventure across the wild African savanna in search for another land where Charlie can live out his life safe and free.



A prominent film against the Lion Shooting, Mia and the White Lion is a beautiful story about love between children and animals, and a lesson about courage and friendship for both small and large.

To be seen and perhaps even to be seen again on a beautiful evening when you longing for fabublous travels and have plans to be implemented.

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- Raluca Uluiteanu,

Mia and White Lion is a surprisingly good movie. A manifest against hunting, and i liked that. A subject that captivated me. A well-played, well-directed film with a beautiful ending, though quite predictable.

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- Emil Calinescu,

Director Gilles de Maistre began this courageous project in which he wanted to show the relationship between a lion and a child, of a kind of stubbornness. An impressive aspect, especially because the chances were against him and no one encouraged him in this direction. Filming lasted two and a half years, that is, Charlie's approximate age. So the sequences with Mia, in which her relationship with the lion is presented, are authentic and deserves all the admiration.

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The film, though a fictional work centered around a family, has some aspect of documentary, and tries to draw attention to the way the number of lions is shrinking. From a population of more than 250,000, they have reached about 20,000 in the last few years, and if no laws change and their hunting continues unhindered, in 20 years the lions in the wild will disappear.
A calm statement of love for Africa, for animals and for nature, "Mia and the White Lion" becomes really alert and moving in the second part of the movie, when deep truths come to light, when feelings turn free and when the intensity of the scenes passes of the screen barrier.

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- Cristina Mitrea,

Among the films that capturated me with their benign energy, as they once again illustrate that love is the engine of all things, and that out of love you can do anything - this is Mia and the White Lion.
The film of absolute simplicity is equally beautiful and sincere because it tells the universal story of an extraordinary friendship between a rebellious teenager forced to move from London to Africa with his family and a white lion - almost a mythical character – which rebellious Mia allows him to enter her world and conquer her heart. [...]
The lesson that this movie serves with great energy is that of trust in friendship and love and especially the consistency of struggling to preserve and defend what you love - so I strongly recommend it to those who want a bright soul.

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- Michaela Platon,

The film avoids shocking images, though it is a shocking subject - the pleasure of killing animals for trophy pictures. An ancient, legal sport that talks about abrugged human nature. Mia discovers a painful secret - that the lion's farm where she lives with her family is actually a hunting farm, which will reconfigure her relationship with her father.
Beyond this message, the children will remain with the beautiful lesson about friendship and love for animals.

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- Gloria Sauciuc,